Indiana HRS Cruelty/Neglect Case Update

profile of rabbit under chair

Indiana House Rabbit Society has been involved with saving the lives of rabbits found on a Madison County, Indiana farm. Living and dead animals, including chickens, rabbits, goats, dogs, cows and horses, have been found by authorities on a farm where the owner had allegedly neglected them. Most of the survivors are in poor condition.  You can read about the story here.

The background information about the case and the chapter’s wish list can be found here.

April 22 Update: Indiana HRS was just granted custody of the Summitville rabbits!  Thank you to the Animal Protection League in Anderson, Indiana for not only providing support on site for rabbits, but providing all medical care and spay/neuter financial support as well.  Your support and generosity are truly appreciated! The medical needs of the rabbits are significant (dental disease, abscess treatment from bite wounds, upper respiratory infections).  Please feel free to make additional contributions to APL to help offset these costs (Attention:  Summitville Rabbit Veterinary Care).