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An Appeal to Cage Manufacturers
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We know you want to please us, so let us tell you what we need. Since we have indoor house rabbits, our cages get moved around along with our furniture. Our needs change. We need flexibility. We may want to open the top of the cage today, but we may have to stack the cage tomorrow and will need a door on the side. Can you give us two doors - one on the top and one on the side? And please make them large. We want litterboxes to fit through them, and we want easy access to our bunnies. Top-opening doors should be at least half the size of the top, or better yet, let the whole top open.

Why do any side doors open in-ward—against sleeping rabbits and chow bowls? Is the cage so uncomfortable that the rabbit is constantly pushing against the door in an effort to escape? On the contrary many of our shy rabbits have to be pulled from the cage.

I'd rather not bother to modify a brand new cage, but if the door opens inward, I rehang it, usually with the hinges at the bottom. Has anyone thought of a retractable cage door on a lift similar to a garage door?

Now that you've given us optional legs, what about adjustable heights? We may want the cage low enough for children to reach or we may want it high enough to store supplies under it. Adjustable legs would give us added flexibility.

With or without legs, what about wheels? Many of us want portability, and you force us to buy small cages that we can lift and carry around. A large cage on wheels would make life easier on us and more interesting for our rabbits. You've given us pull out drawers, which we love, and bin feeders, which we also love. Urine guards have been useful. Now, how about a metal "chew guard" that we can clamp onto plastic litterboxes?

For plastic slat flooring, we'd like a choice in slat spacing - one version for medium to large size rabbits; another for babies and dwarfs.

Those are our requests for dream cages. If you build them, we'll buy them and bless you for them.

House Rabbit Society is a nonprofit rescue and education group.
We welcome your feedback and appreciate your donations. Please join today!