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By Detlef & Dorothy Herbst of San Jose, California

A female Dutch adopted us in July 1991. She wandered into our backyard and our lives and has been a part of our family ever since. We have no kids and I had been thinking about a dog but really wasn't quite ready to make that commitment. Then here comes "Wascally" looking for a home and us looking for a pet. Neither one of us, my husband or I, has ever had pets. She seemed to shake her head a lot, then I noticed crusty stuff in one ear and took her to the vet. My first time ever, and I'm sure hers, was quite an experience.

We decided to have her spayed. The veterinarian said females are likely to get cancer and maybe this would help her to live a longer and healthier life. She recovered within a week and was back to her normal energetic self.

She loves bread. Whenever I open the refrigerator door, she's right there on her hind legs reaching for it. Raisins, bananas, apples, oats, etc., etc. all in moderation.

She potty-trained herself. We put a litterbox in the corner of the dining room, and she's used it ever since. At night she sleeps under my husband's side of the bed. We had a new mattress delivered last week. The delivery men were surprised to find a rabbit there when they lifted up the box spring.

by Noreen Higgins of New York, New York

My name is Noreen Higgins and I am deaf. I am very interested to read the House Rabbit Journal. I am writing about having a rabbit in my office and hope you will [be] interested to read my letter...

My bosses, Cal and Ellen, brought a cute baby rabbit to work for Ellen's birthday. They gave her [a] pretty name, Fifi.

Every morning I give her fresh vegetables, rabbit pellets, alfalfa, and fresh water with two drops of vitamin. She especially [likes] "Baby's first cookie." She is smart. When she sees me walk into the office, she comes toward me and begs to get a cookie. Then she licks my hand after eating her cookie. She loves to lick my hand and sometimes my face. She is quiet and [has] good behavior and loves to see people at the office. Also she goes to the bathroom in [the] litterbox very well. My bosses, Cal and Ellen, adopted Fifi to live in the office and let her go hopping and get rest, eat, and sleep. She is full of enjoyment and comfortable about living in the office, which is a good home.

I love her a lot and take good care of her. She is good company for me and sits beside me. She is a loving rabbit. I bet Fifi thanked her "Father Rabbit," Cal and "Mother Rabbit," Ellen for adopting her.

I think Fifi is [a] worthy pet to have in our office. She is a good company and loves to see people.

by Tonya Lee Kent of Bozeman, Montana

We live with a very special bunny. Her name is George. George got her name when J.D. was watching Saturday morning cartoons the day after we got her. It was the Bugs Bunny cartoon where the Abominable Snowman finds Bugs and names him George.

J.D. was not convinced that rabbits could be litterbox trained. He thought it would be good to build George a cage outside and let her come in just while we were at home. I threw a fit and George was allowed to be inside as long as she used her litterbox. I put one in her cage and she immediately started using it. I think she knew that if she didn't, J.D. was going to ship her out to the barn.

George has a little trick that I think is positive proof that rabbits can think and do have the ability to reason. If we put George to bed before she thinks she got enough play time, she will go into the corner and pout. Then about 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning she will thump until I go into the living room to see what is wrong. When I get there, she always has a little smirk on her face like she is saying "We're even now!"

We get a lot of joys and laughs from watching George. We love to watch her clean those big ears. She pulls them right into her mouth and usually tips over. When she does tip over, she always looks around to make sure that nobody saw her. George is a very affectionate girl. I will never forget the first time she gave me a bunny kiss. I had had a very bad day at work and was lying on the couch crying. George jumped up on my chest and kissed all my tears away. I was instantly better. Rabbits are wonderful!

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