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The Home Office

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We have never tried to become a big organization. All we cared about was serving in our communities to spare rabbits' lives and educate adopters. As our membership expands and new chapters are emerging, it has become increasingly difficult to take advantage of volunteer help within our current structure.

HRS needs a real headquarters. For 9 years we have existed as a network of foster homes, including a private home where the national office resides. Our materials, records, databases, and bunnies are spread out over these (not-so) private homes. Our mail is picked up at the P.O. box, then sorted and mailed again to the various volunteers who handle particular subjects.

We have a new dream. We know we can conduct more extensive programs, serve many more people, save many more rabbits, and better use volunteers by working from a central office/education center, which will also shelter and (health) screen incoming rabbits before they enter foster homes.

With the national HRS's share of the proceeds from the veterinary conference, we are starting a fund to build or buy this new dream. We will add to it any profit from the sale of the conference videotapes and syllabus. Any donations that our members would like to earmark for this fund would be greatly appreciated. It may even mean getting your Journal on time.

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