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We announced in the last issue that copies of HRJ's back issues are no longer available except online. The text version (on paper) of specific articles is available. To obtain a list of articles, send a SASE to Barbara Kenney, 563 Centre Ct, Alameda, CA 94502.

We are sometimes asked about the expiration dates on your mailing labels. The date in the upper right-hand corner of your printed label is your membership expiration date (a year after the last update we received from you). We don't send reminders or invoices, so watch your mailing label.

Veterinary members may see a very old date on their mailing labels. This is because we have been reluctant to remove their names. However, we are now replacing them with our large veterinary list of dues-paying members, who show current interest in treating rabbits.

We are still surprised when new members request that we not give their names to anyone else. If you are bombarded by unsolicited mail, it is not due to your membership in the House Rabbit Society. Our written policies forbid us to share our mailing list with other organizations or commercial businesses.

The only sharing is internally--between the national organization and its local chapters--so that HRS members within a chapter are aware of and can support local HRS activities.

We have asked frequently in the past that you send us only duplicate photos (none that have to be returned to you). Also, please remember to write your name and address on the back. Pictures are always separated from letters. They go into separate files.

Some photos are used in albums that are passed around at "bunny day" events. Some are scanned and entered into presentation files for our educators to use in seminars. And some wind up in the Journal. In all cases we like to acknowledge the contributor, and it has always been our editorial policy to give photo credit to the contributor or not publish the photograph. This has resulted in many wonderful photographs being excluded simply because the sender forgot to write his/her name and address on the back of the photo. Well, as you've seen in this issue, we have decided to print some anyway. So if you wish to have people know who the bunny is and where the bunny belongs, don't forget to write these details on the back of each photo you send us.

Rabbit Health Database BR> Remember that rabbit health database that we have been talking about for years? Technology has come a long way since we started this project, and it's possible to move it a lot faster, if you can help electronically. We need to have you enter data about your own rabbits and their health records in any word processing, spreadsheet, or database software that you have (on any platform) and send it to us on disk or email attachments.

If you are interested in participating, please send a SASE to HRS Health Database (address below), and we will send you instructions and examples.

Our purpose is to accumulate data on rabbits living in private homes rather than institutions so that we can better understand and treat health problems in our rabbit family members.

HRS mailing address is P.O. Box 1201, Alameda, CA 94501. Send your address changes directly to us. The Post Office does NOT forward HRJ.

House Rabbit Society is a nonprofit rescue and education group.
We welcome your feedback and appreciate your donations. Please join today!