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Take Precautions

Rusty Hufstader writes in to caution readers not to forget to check their rabbits' teeth. He notes that malocclusion not only occurs in the incisors but also in the molars, where it's less easy to detect.

If your rabbit is drooling or has hair loss directly under his chin, be sure to take him to the veterinarian so that he can be checked for possible malocclusion or abscesses. For more info on this subject see, When Chester Couldn't Chew and Dr Harvey's excellent article on Rabbit Oral Health.

Kerry Stewart warns us to secure radiator covers and block off tight spaces throughout our homes that can be hazardous to bunnies. And Meghan Hennes writes in to tell us about the death of her rabbit, Belle, due to the ingestion of cat litter. As she points out, there are many alternatives to clay litter, which are much safer. However, even the safe organic litters that we are using today can pose a problem if your rabbit is a litter-chewer, so you might need to experiment with different materials until you find one that is safest.

Bunnies in the Air

Carolyn Weaver writes in to tell us that her rabbit is flying with her, in the cabin, from Germany to Arizona on Delta. We are compiling information on airlines that allow rabbits in the cabin, so please send us any of your success stories. Also, the only way that more airlines will start allowing rabbits in cabins is if we start demanding it, so please continue to call your airlines!

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