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More Bunniest Home Snapshots
Captions By Edie Uber and Thumper O'Rourke
From the world-wide-warren where bunny visual journalists meet verbal anthropomorphiles...

a. "What is the meaning of life, Yoda?"
b. "Come here often?"
c. "...So this man walks into a bar with a duck on his shoulder..."
a. "Do you really think I used too much mousse?"
b. Be aware that rabbits sometimes chew on live electrical wires.
c. "I'm the president--and I'm also a customer!"
a. Yes, rabbits can be toilet-trained.
b. 20 sheets to the wind!
c. A movement's afoot.
a. "My name is Thumper, and I will be serving you tonight..."
b. "I hope you're not the kind of guy who thinks that if you buy me dinner, I owe you something."
c. "I heard this was a great place to pick up chicks."
a. "I don't need sheet music. I can play it by ear."
b. "For my next song, I shall play Beethoven's Fur Elise."
a. "How's this for a real California beach bunny!"
b. Sun your buns!
c. Hare today, Gone to Maui!
a. "If I knew you were coming, I'd have cleaned up."
b. "I hate it when it says,'Some assembly required.'"
c. "Rumplestilsken made it sound so easy."
a. "Hiccup!"
b. RADD--Rabbits Against Drunken Driving
c. "I've been framed!"

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