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House Rabbit Journal Articles

NOTE: Our website has changed. Please visit for our new website and for our new Journal pages.

The House Rabbit Journal is sent to all House Rabbit Society members as part of our educational efforts. The Journal keeps members abreast of new developments in understanding and caring for rabbit companions.

Journal articles are added to our website about a year after they are published in printed form in the House Rabbit Journal. Don't want to wait for those new articles? Please join the House Rabbit Society. It's only $18 a year and it helps the bunnies.

We're always looking for good submissions! We even have an article on submission guidelines to help you in submitting your article, letter or artwork.

Winter 2011: Volume V, Number 6

Characteristics of Rabbits
Herman and Me
Rabbits as Prey
Poem: Hermes
Poem: Clover
How a Rabbit Saved My Life
The Perils of Bunny Obesity
The Role of Sanctuaries in Rabbit Rescue
Spring 2010: Volume V, Number 5

New Mexico Crisis
The Gift of Their Presence: The Photographs of Amy Espie
Advances in Rabbit Care
Kenney's Story
A Tribute to Kindred Spirits
Winter 2009: Volume V, Number 4

Tennessee Rescue
Raised Beds
Rabbits on the Internet
Chapter Histories
An Unexpected Bond
Odds and Ends
Winter 2008: Volume V, Number 3

HRS's 20th Anniversary
Stepping into the Rescuer's Shoes
A Look Back at HRS's History
An Unmixed Blessing: The Generative Power of Spay/Neuter
Summer/Fall 2007: Volume V, Number 2

Developing a Healthy Working Relationship with Your Veterinarian
Comfort in Crisis
The Meek Adventures
Friends don't Scruff Friends
"Histoire D'Un Li�vre," or "Story of a Hare": A Nineteenth-Century French Tale
Changing Roles
Summer/Fall 2006: Volume V, Number 1

Great Outdoor Setups
Sports Injuries
City Bunnies
The Pierce College Rescue
Aesthetics where Bunnies Rule
Fall 2005/Winter 2006: Volume IV, Number 12

Behind the Scenes Assistants: Veterinarians and HRS
Clicker Training Your Rabbit
The Cohans' Story
Flights of Fancy
Necessity's Child
The Rabbit in the Global Image Market
Why Care About Rabbit Meat?
Summer 2005: Volume IV, Number 11

Clean Environment
Cult Film
Eloquent Ear
Rabbit as Symbol
Rabbit Ears
Summer 2004: Volume IV, Number 10

Always With You
Flying Rabbits
Pleasure of My Company
Power of Petting
Powers of the Prey
Sex Hormones
Sexy Bunnies
What Rabbits Want
Fall 2003: Volume IV, Number 9

Building Bridges
Some Heroes Hop
Inside the Box
Dandelion's Lesson
Book Review: Stories Rabbits Tell
Rabbits and Children
Skin Diseases in Rabbits
Winter 2003: Volume IV, Number 8

William Cowper
Every Little Thing She Does
Lysander's Labyrinth
When Worlds Collide: Rabbit Meets Chinchilla
Summer 2002: Volume IV, Number 7

And The Love Goes On
The Right Stuff For a Bereaved Bunny
Good Things Come to Those Who Wait
Hay in Your Bunny's Diet
Letters to the Editor
The Pimpernell (poem)
RabbitWatching: A Group Regroups
Advertising Gets the Message
A Visual Delight
Fall 2001: Volume IV, Number 6

Cardiovascular Disease in Rabbits
Elizabunny Remembers
The Licking Lesson
The Long and Lively Hall
A Place of Comfort and Cheer
T-Touch: A Gentle Way to Better Behavior and Health
Spring 2001: Volume IV, Number 5

Doors Open at Our New Headquarters
It was 13 years in the making, but in November of 2000 we finally opened our new national headquarters, adoption & education center. Read all about how it came to be and what it has become.

The Bunny Rules
These ever-changing household rules may be in effect at your home as well...
Winter 2000: Volume IV, Number 4

Bunny Bonding: When the Going Gets Tough
Bonding can be difficult, but don't despair! We have some great new tips for you to deal with difficult introductions.

Paul Bloom's Story
Come find out about Eddy, a special rabbit living with a special human, Paul Bloom. Bloom, a former jazz musician who is disabled from Legionnaire's disease. He lives on a fixed income, and every spare penny goes to Eddy's upkeep.

Pandora's Battle with a Jaw Abscess
"I wondered whether I was doing the right thing and whether I might not be doing her a disservice by keeping her alive, but she was still eating well and not showing obvious signs of pain, so I felt we had some time to decide what to do..."

Beyond Cages: The Possibilities of Pen Living
Have you ever considered housing your rabbit using an open pen rather than a cage? This New Journal article explains how to set up a pen and the many advantages of pen living.
Spring 2000: Volume IV, Number 3

Finders Keepers
FInding a Rabbit has a special surprise...
True Story: Gizmo's Tale
A story of a very special bunny.
Behavior: Bringing Bunny Home
Tips for teh arrival of a new bunny in your home.
Health: Fly Strike Take II
Maggots are unpleasant to think about, but read this article so you'll know what to do should this emergency ever arrise.
Health: Thwarting the House Fly
How to spot and avoid the horrible deadly problem of maggots.

Winter 2000: Volume IV, Number 2

Acupuncture in Rabbits
Citizens of the Warren
How Ms. Pete Won Our Hearts
Our Afternoon with Richard Adams
Spay/Neuter = Win Win
Fall 1999: Volume IV, Number 1

A Natural History of House Rabbits
Like us, rabbits today retain some of the behaviors and instincts of their wild ancestors.
The Volunteering Spirit
There�s a place, not far from you, where you can get your Ph.D. in Rabbit.
To Love a Mean Rabbit
It�s a privilege to have a mean rabbit.
Aggressive Rabbits
From HRJ Letters.
Coping with Each Other: the Disabled Bunny
Living with a disabled rabbit.
Your House Rabbit�s First Visit To The Veterinarian
Visiting the Vet Hospital is always stressful to the patient (and sometimes the owner).
Spring 1999: Volume III, Number 12

Living with Rabbit Allergies
Tips and advice on minimizing allergies when living with rabbits.
A Fosterer's Allergy Experience.
How one foster was able to work around her allergies.
Litter Training Revisited.
An update on our classic article on litter training.
Litter Training: For Those Who Want But Can't.
An update on our classic article on litter training.
Chiropractic Care For Rabbits.
Animal chiropractic is a relatively new profession, and it has great potential for dealing with many animal health problems. An owners and a doctor's view on chiropractic care for rabbits.
Fall 1998: Volume III, Number 11

An Uplifting Experience
How to lift, hold, and carry your rabbit
Rabbits Teaching Rabbits
Rabbits do a wonderful job of educating each other. Nowhere is this more striking than in new relationships.
Radiology of the Rabbit Thorax
An excerpt from Dr. Sam Silverman's radiology lecture at the HRS Veterinary Conference
It Pays to Know a Good Radiologist
Radiology can be a lifesaver in many situations. Is your vet experienced?
Ideas Have Legs
Photo essay and article on the expressiveness of rabbit's legs
The Scuttlebutt on Rabbits and Deer
What do rabbits and deer have in common? More than you might think...
Bunnies Keep on Truckin'
"Buggsy," a little black-and-white Dutch, not only regularly rides in a vehicle--he lives in one.
Avoiding the Burnout Blues
How one educator and foster stays motivated to continue her work.
Questions on communicable diseases, special needs rabbits, and feedback on our rabbits in the classroom article.
Summer 1997: Volume III, Number 10

A Rabbit in the Classroom
What are they really teaching the kids?
Keeping Bunnies in the Pink
HRS Sponsors A Very Special Health Conference
Planning for the Future: Our home office
HRS needs a real headquarters.
Causes and Solutions for Overgrooming
In-home Nature Show
If you like watching nature programs, you may enjoy living with a rabbit
Writer's Guidelines for The House Rabbit Journal
We welcome stories, poetry, photos or artwork from our members.
Spring 1997: Volume III, Number 9

Oral Heath Care Issues for Rabbits
Early detection is often crucial to the outcome of malocclusion, points, spurs and other oral problems.
When Chester Couldn't Chew
Molar spikes can cause lots of pain.
Americas Funniest Home Bunny Photos
Funny photos from our members.
Just Good Business - Right?
Rabbits are our companions - not our dinner!
Diners Beware!
What you can do to let people know you don't want to patronize establishments that serve rabbit meat.
How Not To Explode a Bale of Hay
A safe and clean method for opening a bale of hay.
Palmer and the Magic Box
If a legend is a person about whom a popular story is told, then Palmer Holt fits the description.
Marvin Remembers His Gardens
An old friend remembers a special rabbit.
You Never Know...
We may not know when or where we can make a difference in changing peoples opinion, but we can create a hospitable environment, by words and actions.
Bonding Rabbits
One chapter's approach to successful matchmaking.
Volume III, Number 8, Summer 1996

Disaster Preparedness
The experiences of our Kansas City Chapter can teach us a lesson in how to include our pets when preparing for natural disasters.
Not By the Numbers: The Problem with Limit Laws
Limit laws can hurt more than they help.
Soft Stools - What's The Problem?
Chronic soft clumping cecal stools result from a carbohydrate overload in the diet, and a relative fiber deficiency.
The Case For Rabbits in The Plural
Rabbits are not meant to live in solitude, away from members of their own kind.
The Importance of Words
In our choice of words and phrases, we strive to reflect our philosophy and to promote respect for rabbits.
Yard Sale Bunny
There she sat, surrounded by other discards--the small, hand-printed sign stuck on the cage read "White rabbit with cage, $10.00."
Multi-Rabbit Maintenance
Most people who plan a multi-rabbit household seem intent on having all their rabbits live together as one big happy family. It doesn't always work out that way, and it's not so bad if it doesn't.
The Pound
The Pound often gets an undeservidly bad rap.
Volume III, Number 7, Spring 1996

The Easter Rabbit Poem
GI Stasis
Places To Be
A Program for Everyone: Plans for a Real Shelter and Home Office
Snake Bite
How to Conduct a Stray Roundup
Stray Rabbits
The Ungetaway

Volume III, Number 6, December 1995

More Than Just a Chew Stick
Why playthings are an important part of your rabbit's life.

Giving Is Receiving
Sometimes the best way to give is to be a gracious receiver.

Making a Difference
Kathleen Wilsbach's experiences starting a new chapter and foster home.

Editorial: Playing for Keeps
Once you've been admitted to the joyful mysteries of rabbits at play, you're hooked for life

Problems With Vegetables
Soft stool is a common problem for rabbits who don't eat their hay and veggies

Volume III, Number 5, Summer 1995

Warehouse with a Viewpoint
Live-work space in Oakland provides a lofty solution for fostering
Beyond Petting
Rethinking the process of gaining trust

Bladder Disease and Bladder Stones in the Rabbit
Observe the symptoms before the situation is life-threatening

Like a Rabbit
What Are Rabbits Really Like?

Toxoplasmosis from Rabbits?
Why there's no need to worry about getting this disease from rabbits.

Volume III, Number 4, Winter 1995

Are Two Rabbits Right For You?
The vast majority of rabbits crave the companionship of at least one of their own kind
The child who accompanies you to the shelter and participates in the rescue can go to bed at night saying, "I saved three lives today."

Rabbits and Daycare
With care and a gradual approach, bunnies and small children can enrich each other's lives.

House Rabbit Society Children's Education Program
Learning why bunnies behave the way they do helps kids better understand and appreciate how the world looks and feels to a rabbit

Mending a Broken Bunny Bond
The relationship that time and patience built

Natural Nutrition Part II: Pellets and Veggies
The staple of the house rabbit diet

Pellet Nutrition
A comparison of various pellet brands

Volume III, Number 3, Summer/Fall 1994

Age Related Behavior
Some of your rabbit`s behavior may be due to his or her age.

Natural Nutrition Part I: The Importance of Fiber
A happy digestive tract requires "striking a balance between indigestible fiber and nutrition

Digestibility in the Rabbit Diet
Everything you ever wanted to know about the rabbit digestive system.

Law Rabbit
A Washington D.C. Law Office Lobbies for a Silent Colleague.

Tip: Reducing Lead Risk in Your Rabbit's Drinking Water
A simple step to reducing the risk of lead poisoning.

Life Worthy
A well-adjusted disabled or elderly rabbit is not the same thing as a suffering animal who has no hope of recovery

Networking House Rabbit Society Members
Privacy is our most important concern.

A Rescuer's's Worst Nightmare
HRS's Colorado Chapter Members Rally Behind Their Bunnies.

Eliminating Problems
The what and why of soft stool

Volume III, Number 2, Spring 1994

Communication Bridges and Gaps
What's your rabbit trying to tell you?

Life with a Disabled Rabbit
Caring for Molly.

Drawing Blood from Rabbits
An expert veterinarian explains how.

Encephalitozoon Cuniculi
A little-known cause of 'old-bunny paralysis'

Tips: Foot Problems
Caring for hurting hocks.

To a Long Life: Geriatric Workups
getting onto a schedule of regular labwork may very well save your rabbit's life.

Tip: For Litter Diggers
Keeping litter where it belongs - in the litter box.

The Unexpected Surrogate

Writing for the Journal
How to share your house rabbit knowledge with thousands of others.

Volume III, Number 1, Winter 1994

A Hare About The House
A book review

Cold Temperatures

My First Rescue

Three Stories of House Rabbits

The Games Rabbits Play

Just For Fun
Rabbits are playful and have a great sense of humor.

Learning to Love Again
Could Another Rabbit Ever Replace Dorothy?

Red Urine

Tip: Rabbit Repellent
Discouraging chewing on household items with repellent.

The Sheltering Spirit
When was the last time you visited your local animal shelter?

The Trouble with Ears

Volume II, Number 12, July 1993

Fly Strike
What to do if your rabbit is plagued by flies or maggots.

Thumper and Me

To Fly or not to Fly

Tools of the Trade
Tips and pointers for dealing with all kinds of rabbit behaviors.

Volume II, Number 11

Cats and Rabbits
Tips on having cats and rabbits in the same household.

Don't Call Me Kind
Rabbits give more back than you might think.

Willingly Useful
When is "being used" a privilege, and when is it exploitation?

Volume II, Number 10


Lops are Mellow and other Half Truths
Debunking myths about rabbits.

Rabbits on the Road
Tips for moving cross town or cross country with your rabbit.

Volume II, Number 9

Rebel With Paws
Dealing with a teenaged rabbit.

Record keeping
Keeping good records of your rabbits health may save your rabbit's life.

A Special Rabbit
Looking for that "Special Rabbit"? She might be right under your nose.

Volume II, Number 8, January/February 1992

Honorary Rabbit

Quality of Life
A thoughtful essay on the quality of rabbit life.

Volume II, Number 7

Bringing Baby Home
How to deal with a new baby in a rabbit household.

Importance of Permanence
Rabbits need to be thought of as permanent family members.

Chateau in Iowa
A bunny habitat in the grand Swiss Style.

How to Become an HRS Educator

Foot Problems
A Small Injury Makes for Complications Later in Life.

The Top Ten Reasons to Love a House Rabbit
Just Like on Letterman!

The House That Max Built
Finding a place to live that accepts rabbits can be a rewarding experience.

Power Plays
How a bunny took over a two dog household.

The Right Decision
Follow-up letter on the success of a dental procedure.

Submissions to the Journal
How to Submit a Manuscript for Publication to the House Rabbit Journal.

Who's the Pet?

Volume II, Number 6

Hands on Therapy
Having a rabbit han have an impact on your relationship with your spouse.

Turning Fear Into Play

Biography of Hasenpfeffer.

Reel Rabbits
Rabbits often get a bum wrap in Movies.

Rick, Freb and PJ
A biography of three rabbits.

When Teeth Turn To Tusks

Volume II, Number 5

Can They Ever Be Friends?
Introducing a second rabbit into your household.

Men Women and Rabbits
Do men and women relate to rabbits differently?

Saying Yes to Rabbits
Moving to a new home or apartment doesn't have to mean giving up your rabbits.

Educating the Community
Help Spread the Word about Rabbit Overpopulation Problems.

The Gift
A wonderful story!


Mr B of Berkeley
A Biography of a bunny named Mr. B.

How You Can Help by Volunteering with the House Rabbit Society.

A Biography of a bunny named Wabbit.

Volume II, Number 4

Emergency Preparedness

Volume II, Number 2

Who Wants a Mean Rabbit?
Some thoughts on uncovering the hidden affection in an aggressive rabbit.

Some thoughts on the ups and downs of building relationships.

Volume II, Number 1, Jan/Feb 1992

Pet Loss Support For Your Rabbit

Volume I (1989)

Living with an Aloof Rabbit

A Child's Winter Triptych: Three Classic Children's Books

An Appeal to Cage Manufacturers

Caring for the Critically Ill

The History of Easter

Kingdoms Large and Small

Litterboxes and Liver Disease

A Sense of Place and Space

How to Build a Daytime Outdoor Rabbit Run

Bunnymoon Suite

When Fido Met Thumper
Introducing rabbits and dogs.

JB the Geriatric Rabbit

Making A House Rabbit
House Rabbits aren't born - they're made one day at a time.


Sara: Living With a Disabled Rabbit
Tips on caring for a disabled rabbit.
Warren Wise

Solutions for Problematic Cage Doors

Helping in Your Own Community

Our Health Database Project

How to Become an HRS Educator



Tip: A Grooming Table

How You Can Help an HRS Foster

Hot Weather

Starting a New Chapter

Submitting Photos to the Journal

Our Priorities

Safety Issues

An Overview of Volunteer Opportunities

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