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HRJ Editorial Submission Guidlines
Marinell Harriman, Editor
When my husband and I walked into a local printing shop with the first House Rabbit Journal in May, 1988, the printer was amazed that we were going to start a newsletter about rabbits. "Aren't you going to run out of things to say?" he asked.

The answer is self evident. The House Rabbit Journal has been producing professional-quality rabbit articles, contributed from readers, for the past 22 years.

If you would like to be one of those contributors, here are the guidelines to submitting articles.

  1. All work must be original
    We do not reprint previously published articles. Once your article is published in HRJ, it will become a permanent resident on our Web site. We take great pride in originality. You will still own the copyright, and anybody who wants to reproduce your article will be referred to you for permission.

  2. Word count
    Articles: 850-1300 words (graphics necessary, see below) Poetry/essays: 300-500 words (graphics desirable)

  3. File format
    Microft Word or ASCII text (e.g. embedded in email)

  4. Suggested subjects
    Unusual experiences with your rabbit
    Problems you have solved
    Lessons you have learned from your rabbit
    Health issues (subject to veterinary review)
    Behavioral observations
    Appreciation of bunny "virtues"

  5. Graphics
    Any article over 850 words must have accompanying photos. These should include several closeup views of the rabbit and any relative background or activity detail. Photos can be sent in digital form as email attachments, or film (prints, slides, or negatives) can be mailed in--whatever is convenient.Illustrations (original, not clip art) can be used instead of photos to illustrate articles. Artists may submit stand-alone "spot art" separately for the back cover.

  6. Where to send
    Although HRJ is printed on paper and mailed through the U.S. Postal Service, all articles and photos submissions must come via e-mail to

    Note: We do not publish eulogies in the Journal. There is not enough space to publish all that we receive, and we can't play favorites with just a few. A suggested place to post a memorial is to create a memorial page on your own Web site, and we will be happy to link to it via our memorial pages at:

    Contact memorial with your url.

    A particularly good way to honor your deceased bunny is to contribute his/her health information to:

House Rabbit Society is a nonprofit rescue and education group.
We welcome your feedback and appreciate your donations. Please join today!