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Marinell Harriman
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Our home office finally got a new photo scanner. Although HRJ does not have color, you can send us color or black & white photos. Please don't send photos that you want back. You may not see them in the Journal, but photos from our members have become a very important part of our education program.

We have put together albums for rabbit-care classes and seminars. They are grouped so that they illustrate ideas being talked about by the speaker and show examples of things like toys or litterboxes, habitats, etc. We have set up several model albums and are now working on additional ones to send out to the chapters. Please put your name and adress on the back of your photos in case we need to contact you in the future.

Also, if you have a story for HRJ and you have captured some live action on videotape, we can grab frames from your home video and digitize them for the Journal. We are calling the grabbed frames "videographs."


Your photos are given wall space for a while. Since they are separated from your letters, please write your name and address on the back of each photo. Sometimes they are held in our files for future publication. By the time a space is ready, it's very hard to remember who the photos belong to. There have been times that a good story has come in that we could run in the Journal, and we have looked through our assortment of photos for an appropriate illustration, only to find that we have no name and can't credit the photograph. We don't print any photo that we can't credit.

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