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Fun and Educational Stuff for Kids!
Kids n' Bunnies Coloring Book
A coloring book to help teach children about living with a house rabbit. In PDF format. Don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader? Download it free here.

How to Say Rabbit in over 100 Different Languages.

Top Ten Lists
From our home office in Richmond, CA...

The History of Easter
The origins of easter, eggs, and the easter bunny.

Pictures and Videos
Americas Funniest Home Bunny Photos
Bunny Photo Randomizer
House Rabbit Video of the Week
Meet Zowie, Zippy, Izzy and Foo Bar
Izzy and Zowie Gallery
Rabbit Pictures
House Rabbits with Home Pages

True Stories
The Story of Foo Bar
The Ungetaway
Palmer and the Magic Box
The Gift

Made Up Stories
BunnyT Hareington's Great Adventure
Book Reviews and Recommendations
A Fun Book: Marshmallow
A Child's Winter Triptych: Three Classic Children's Books

Serious Stuff

The Easter Rabbit
A poem dedicated to all the rabbits we couldn't save

For Your Parents
Rabbits and Children FAQ

For Teachers
Using input from HRS educators and parents across the country, House Rabbit Society has put together a collection of programs for teaching kids of all ages about rabbits and--in particular--how to see the world through a rabbit's eyes.

Click here to download our "Teaching Kids About Rabbits" classroom packet.

House Rabbit Society is a nonprofit rescue and education group.
We welcome your feedback and appreciate your donations. Please join today!