Latest Emergency Rescue Grant to Indiana HRS

Oct 17, 2016

House Rabbit Society has awarded its latest Emergency Rescue Grant to Indiana House Rabbit Society, to help with a crisis developing there. Indianapolis Animal Care Services (IACS) confiscated 36 rabbits from the same breeder, Richard Cartheuser, a Board member for the Indiana State Rabbit Breeders Association,  who had almost 400 rabbits removed by the shelter in 2013 due to poor care and filthy conditions. At that time, Indiana House Rabbit Society  assisted IACS by providing weeks of care to the rabbits, and arranging the transport and placement of most of them.   As part of an agreement Cartheuser reached with the city, he is not allowed to breed or keep unaltered rabbits in the county anymore. This year, they are helping again, and need your help as well!

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