Thankyou for your interest inbeing an HRS Ally.  Please fill out this application and email acopyto Click here to download a Wordversion of this document.

An ally is a rescue group that professes to have similar purposes andphilosophy as House Rabbit Society; may or may not be incorporated;operates fostering and education programs that may or may not followHRS guidelines; may or may not have licensed educators, and will belisted on the HRS website as an HRS Ally.
Ally qualifications
An ally relationship can exist with House Rabbit  Society with thefollowing provisions:
  1. Allies will sign an annual pledge
  2. HRS does not investigate their facilities or practices
  3. HRS may ask for a fee for any mailed material
  4. Allies can use HRS materials but not our name or logo
  5. Rabbits rescued by allies are not the responsibility of HRS
  6. Allies must be recommended by one HRS director, chaptermanager, educator or by two HRS members
  7. Applicants must be approved by a board committee.
  8. Any nationally licensed educator in an affiliated group canremain on the Educators list and the Biz list
  9. Any bad mouthing of HRS national or local chapters resultsin revocation.
The Board reserves the sole right to determine the status of anyorganization applying to be a chapter or an ally.  No such statusshould be considered to be automatically conferred.  The Boardwill inform any applicants of its decision.






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HRS members recommending your group:

1.    Is your organization incorporated?

2.    How many rabbits have you fostered and adopted sofar?

3.    Are you working with a local shelter or shelters?Which ones?

4.    How many foster rabbits do you currently have inyour foster home(s)?