Places with Good Bunny Karma

These are some of our very favorite spots on the web. Many of these are sites that offer house rabbit related merchandise, and some give donations to HRS. Please send additions or corrections to

Annie's Home Grown Pasta The pasta that proudly carries the Bernie Bunny seal of approval. Everything rabbity!
The Blurry Rabbit All about rabbits in film and literature
Brooklyn Bunny One of the first, and still the best, rabbit cams!
Bunderground Railroad An underground network of cross-country rabbit transporters
Bunnies in Baskets They provide training and certification for therapy rabbits and their people
Bunnies in Need Rabbits and people helping other rabbits
The Bunny Basics Great rabbit care info, products, and forum
The Bunny Groomer Rabbit grooming, care information, and more
Bunny Hugga Great informational and fun site
The Bunny Museum Biggest museum of rabbit stuff in the world!
The Bunny Name List Lists of possible rabbit names
Bunny Tunes Fun rabbit songs; all profits raised go to rabbit rescue!
The Bunny Lounge Where Indy Bunny Hangs Out
Bunny Yawns Need we say more?
BunSpace The MySpace for Bunnies!
Church of the Cosmic Bunny Peace and Wisdom through Bunnyness
Cottontail Legacy Info about rabbits
Cute Overload The cutest animal photos on the web
Cutest Bunny Picture Pictures and stories about rabbits
Daily Bunny A bunny a day!
Disapproving Rabbits Photos of rabbits who really, really, disapprove.
"Equal Hoppertunity" is a newly released video about the plight of rabbits
Free Bunny Screen Savers Two screensavers you can download and use for free.
Fuzzy Rabbit All about rabbits
Hoppy Bunnies Cute bunny drawings!
House Rabbit Documentary Wonderful documentary about rabbits by David Goodberg
Jake the Evil Hare online comic about an evil rabbit gone horribly good!
The Language of Lagomorphs What your rabbit is saying and how to speak back
LOL Bunnies Submit your own!
Mid-South Bunny Museum Great educational website and fun bunny museum!
Mr Chloe The world's best traveled pet bunny
My House Rabbit Celebrating house rabbits
Oolong and Yuebing The famous "Head Performance" rabbit and his protege
Pet Rabbit Info Information for pet rabbit guardians
The Quintessential Rabbit Lots of Info on the Urban Rabbit
Rabbit Alley Designs Gorgeous Bags knitted with fair trade silk; work overseen by rabbits!
Rabbit Bites Buns & Chou Chou, the most famous pop culture rabbits around.
Rabbit World View Great website with everything about rabbits!
Rabbitt in Paradise Official website of Blackberry Rabbitt, Rabbitt in Paradise
The Story of Bunnies According to this tall tale, bunnies once ruled the earth and will again someday.
Zen Buns Wisdom from the Quiet and Furry.

Also check out our Blogs page for a list of our favorite bunny blogs, Shopping for a list of great companies to buy food, hay, toys, housing, and more for your rabbit, as well as educational books, videos, HRS Premiums, and more!


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