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Rabbit Reference Sources

Basic Rabbit Facts
How long they live, etc.

Charky and Ash's Rabbit References
An excellent set of links on a wide variety of specific medical andcare issues, as well as an extensive listing of vet recommendations and links to rescue organizations, rabbit-motif shopping sites, and fun sites.

The Carrot Cafe
Paulson's Rabbit World
Several articles on proper house rabbit care.

VHD in the USA
The VHD Coalition's homepage. Contains info on teh April 2000 VHD outbreak in Iowa, as well as lots of background information on this deadly disease.

RHD in Australia
Information from Australia on the deadly rabbit disease, RHD.

Say What?
How to Say Rabbit in Many Different Languages

The Netveterinarian's Guide to Rabbits
Lots of medical info on rabbits.

Medical information in 6 languages.

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