Zippy and Izzy's Photo Gallery

You can view a full-size version (640x480) of any image by clicking on the small versions you see below. There are also many more photos of Zippy with all of his friends at the Rabbit Gallery.

Zippy and Izzy are a bonded pair of house rabbits that we shared our home with. Zippy would have been five this April; Sadly, Zippy passed away on March 13th after a long illness. We miss him very much, and hope that you might come to know the this specially little guy with a huge heart through this web page.

Izzy is still with us and is as fiesty as ever. She is a sprite young thing who's just two years old. We hope to enjoy her company for many, many more years to come.

For lots of good pictures, stories, and advice on house rabbits, visit The House Rabbit Society.

Emmy Lucente and Izzy
August, 1997
Photo by Lori Neuman

August 1997
Photos by Lori Neuman

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