Meet Snickers, Oreo and Muffin!

Meet Snickers, Oreo and Muffin. Snickers and Oreo were bunnies of the day awhile ago and we just added Muffin to the bunch! Snickers is a 1 year Mini Rex, Oreo is a 8 month old Dutch, and Muffin is a 3 month old Mini Lop! We are still working on bonding all 3 as Snickers is a female and Oreo is a male so they bonded very easily and Muffin is another male we are trying to bring in!

Muffin has so much personality and is so smart already, we haven’t caught him chewing on anything and he’s completely box trained already, he will cross the linoleum floors to go up the stairs which our other 2 won’t go onto, he will sit and let us scratch his head all day, he will eat just about anything, and he’s very submissive to the other buns.  Muffin is our all over House Bunny while the other 2 stay in a pen area. They are OK together in a neutral environment, but not in the territory, and I have smooshed them together as well, it’s taking time.

I call Muffin muffy and my husband calls him biscuit lol! I love all my babies!

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