Meet Bayou and Satchmo!

Jan 26, 2015

Meet Bayou and Satchmo!
Meet Bayou (brown dwarf bunny who was part of yesterday’s Daily Bunny) and Satchmo (brown Rex bunny with white spots on his back)! When Luna (Bayou’s mate) passed away, we took Bayou to the Georgia House Rabbit Society shelter in Marietta, Georgia and let her “interview” various bunnies there. She was very shy and not at all used to being the dominant bunny, so after several meetings, she went and hid behind some cardboard boxes. We were about to give up and bring her back home to try another day when Satchmo was brought back to the shelter from a PetCo store where he was being an ambassador for GA HRS. Satchmo hopped out and the two settled down next to each other right away and we knew she had a good friend at last. They spend evenings and nights on their special blanket on our bed, resting and grooming each other.

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Bayou 2 Bayou Satchmo 2 Satchmo 3 Satchmo and Bayou Satchmo

Bayou Satchmo Satchmo2

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