Meet BenEbun and SweetEpie!

Jun 19, 2018

Meet BenEbun and SweetEpie!
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Meet BenEbun and SweetEpie! They are still going on supervised dates and are sleeping in the same room at night.
They are doing some mirroring & some acting relaxed and some ignoring each other, after SweetEPie initiates “race around” time.  BenEBun is crated centrally so that SweetEPie can race around for an hour or so nightly before bedtime & then the bunnies are swapped around so SweetEPie goes back in the crate crate & the crate is then relocated to sleeping quarters for the night. SweetEPie is getting a nice “temporary” sleeping box until SweetEPie shares BenEBuns’ sleeping quarters.
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