Meet Benny!

Nov 26, 2013

Meet Benny!

Benny was part of a fair we went to in Cold Springs, New York around seven years ago when Serena ( our daughter) was four going on five. She always had a gentle way with animals, and she was cradling a baby rabbit in her arms and it was happily licking her. I asked the man displaying the bunnies if she could keep him, and he agreed to let her go for ten dollars. We found out that Benny’s family was from a meat farm, and that we, in fact, had rescued him! If I’d known what I was getting into, I probably would never have taken the leap; I thought a rabbit would be like a hamster or a gerbil! Seven years later Ben is more of a co-resident than a pet! He’s very affectionate, and loves attention, and to play; even though he doesn’t like to be held or to cuddle. He is over 10 pounds, and extremely intelligent. His very favorite toy is a slinky; and, every so often he’ll arrange all his toys a certain way, almost like a sculpture. And he gets furious if anyone disturbs or rearanges it!

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