Meet Dennis!

Jan 9, 2018

Meet Dennis!
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Meet Dennis – he is in a happy new home and his new mom had this to share:

Dearest House Rabbit Society,

I am truly pleasantly surprised on how quickly little Dennis has become so comfy in his home. As soon as we came home last night, he found his litter box and ate his hay, ate his pellets and even played with his toys. I am sharing some pictures from last night ( being home less than 10 min). Of course he was a bit scared initially, getting used the noises from the house and of course seeing if he could trust me. But after playing with him early this morning and a bit here and there today, he showed excitement in seeing me, explored his play area, and he devoured his fresh greens. For someone who has never had a bunny as a pet ( I had one in high school but I don’t count that), and for a little bunny who was found lethargic, I am so happy with him and love him so much. I’m enjoying have secret play time with him ( since my human boys won’t meet him until Sunday). Isn’t he cute sunbathing and enjoying his view?!
Note- this is his temporary set up until I can show him to the boys. Don’t be alarmed by the cords, he doesn’t explore up there 🙂

Thank you for letting this precious little guy into our home!

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