Meet Jewels!

Nov 20, 2020

Meet Jewels!
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This is my 4 month old mini holland lop Jewels, JuJu when I’m chasing her 🥰 In the featured picture, you can see her cat sister Tiara a cushion over. Every morning we feed the bluejays & squirrels and the girls get their morning treats as they nature watch together lol ♥️ Also, in my closet on top of a bright colored to-go bag is where she likes to sleep as anyone can plainly see her all stretched out ready for bed, and certainly after digging, and kneading into that bag until the spot has just the right curves for sleeping, I’m truly blessed and thankful to have her, she’ll be an elder to others as our family grows, as I’m a 46 year old widow who will soon be moving and hopefully be able to do do some fostering, and helping some critters find their FOREVER families too.

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