Meet Miss Bea (In Memory Of) and Ibby & Duke

Dec 22, 2016

Meet Miss Bea (In Memory Of) and Ibby & Duke

Miss Bea and Ibby and Duke were featured as the Daily Bunny on Nov 18. A few additional pictures arrived and we wanted to share!

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Here are a few more of Miss Bea:

  • Classic Miss Bea!
  • Wearing her Easter bow
  • And another when she decided to insulate her nesting box in her outside hutch. She spent 90% of her time indoors, but loved being outside on occasion. She was so energized by the cool fall weather
  • And of course just trying to be cool with the shades on
  • Sprawled on her favorite blankie on my daughters bed while she did her homework on her laptop
  • Another waiting patiently for her greens to be washed at the kitchen sink

miss-b3  miss-bea-all-dressed-up-for-easter

Ibby & Duke:

ibby-duke  duke-and-ibby

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