Meet Pickles (and friends)!

May 21, 2017

My obsession started when I adopted a Netherland dwarf buck from our local animal shelter. I was always going to the shelters, for fun, to check out the animals and to give the animals some love and attention.

One day, there was this grumpy little gray rabbit sitting in the corner of his cage. Big eyes and little ears atop a round body of fluff. So alluring, I had to hold him. He wasn’t cuddly and he actually bit my boyfriend when he tried to lift the chunk. He was cute but we left the shelter empty handed like every other time.

The next few days, I couldn’t stop thinking about that grumpy bunny. No one will adopt such a scrooge. He will be lonely forever! I couldn’t help but want to rescue him, so two weeks later I went there and sure enough he was still up for adoption! (I guess rabbits that nip and growl aren’t appealing ;))

Upon adopting him, the receptionist told me that he was found running amok, in someone’s backyard garden. I’m guessing whoever made the arrangement for the animal pick up, was getting annoyed of this little fat chunk treating their garden like an all-you-can-eat buffet. Regardless, Im happy he ended up with me. I had the biggest smile on my face. The pound named him Thumper (he looks just like the rabbit Thumper from Bambi). But I knew he didn’t like that name. So, I named him Pickles.

Pickles eventually learned to not bite, and that hands/fingers meant treats. He was becoming quite the gentleman. But, he was hardly drinking or eating or binky-ing. No signs of a happy bunny. I took him to the vet and they said maybe that’s just how he is. But I thought he was depressed. I got him a girlfriend and he was ALIVE! He ate more, drank more and had so much fun running around the house with his new friend and he became more social with any humans that came over.

I will never breed rabbits, only adopt or rescue then I spay or neuter them. My rabbits have a big bunny run in the backyard that’s large enough to hold  a classroom of kids, but they love to stretch out those legs! These are pics of rabbits I have owned since Pickles and of Pickles 🙂

P.s. the photo of my bunny Pickles eating my house plant, he doesn’t do that anymore because I found out that that type of plant could make him, and the other bunnies sick, so it is out of his reach now.

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