Meet Skipper (In Memory Of)

Mar 18, 2021

Meet Skipper (In Memory Of)
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Little did  I realize when I took this picture of Skipper on the bed that it would be one of the last. Less than a week after I took this he crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I rescued him as a 1 year old un-neutered male and he was my companion for 9 years and my bed companion for 4 years after my dog died. 

He went quickly in 3 days, on his own terms, from a happy and feisty rabbit to one that I recognized as ready to make the crossing. I have shared my life with one or more rabbits consistently since 1985. No cages, litter boxed trained and the house rabbit proofed. At my age of 72 I will hesitate to have another rabbit because if something happened to me I could not bear the thought of my free roaming rabbit ending up in a cage.

Rest sweet Skipper

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