Meet Skipper!

Apr 19, 2019

Meet Skipper!
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Meet Skipper. He was brought to me 7 years ago as an unneutered male that did not get along with others . People know I take in rabbits. It was a few years before he would pay much attention to me. I was good enough to keep his bowl clean and clean the litter box, but that was about it. My dog and cat accepted him immediately. I have had at least one house rabbit continually since my first in 1985  I even brought my rabbit back from Germany in 1996 in a carrier under my business class seat!
Skipper has no idea what a cage is and as I type this he is on my chest as I lay in bed. For about the last 3 months he has chosen to sleep on or under my bed! Sometimes he is even waiting for me a couple hours before bed time.
I don’t know how many rabbits live like this, but I think he is one lucky bunny. I get in bed, give him couple snacks and he hops to my right and flops himself on his side. Content.

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