Meet SweetEPie!

Aug 1, 2018

Meet SweetEPie!
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Meet SweetEPie – her athleticism, exploration skills and how to effectively “ignore” your roomie while being in close proximity of them.

SweetEPie and BenEBun finally bonded about 2weeks ago. They now have a 6lb four paws roomie.
The NEW, 2Husbun & Honey Bun routine is solidifying itself as the days go by; nights are for the bunnies to free roam in the living area, while four paws & I sleep. Day time is sleep time for the buns & wake time for four paws & I.👍🏼  Attention for all, pats & Treats together 👍🏼 In a few months all will be tranquil and routines set so all are happy, safe, well fed & cared for.👏🏼

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SweetEPie inspecting the table!

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