Meet Toffee & Becca!

Aug 27, 2014

Meet Toffee & Becca!

Toffee and Becca












Meet Toffee (Rex) & Becca (Dutch)! They are two bunnies that were adopted from the MO House Rabbit Society! They were about 1 in this photo and this was while they were in the process of bonding! Toffee was laying against the side and Becca kept inching her way between him and the side. He finally got tired of it, stood up, turned around, and just flopped over on top of her! They stayed in that position for a good 5-10 minutes so apparently neither minded too much! They’re now fully bonded and they often flop next to each other. Toffee is a sweetheart and is quite happy with cuddling while Becca is more timid and usually just follows his lead. Except when it’s treat time and then they both come running!

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