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Jul 10, 2011

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Documents at our web site may be reprinted for nonprofit use as long as our reprint guidelines are followed. You don’t need to contact us beforehand, but we’d appreciate it if you would send us a copy of the reprint in context after it has been published.

Please note: these guidelines apply only to printed articles. Our documents may not be reprinted online. Instead, link to the articles at our Web site, This helps to ensure that only the most accurate and up to date info is provided.

Reprint Guidelines

Reprint entire documents. This way, the information is not taken out of context. What is an entire document? In most cases it’s an entire document (HTML, text or printed). The exception to this would be the FAQ. If you wanted to reprint a portion of the FAQ, you would need only do it for a single section (litter training or housing, for example.)

Give credit to the original author of the material. If an individual author is not listed, you can give credit to House Rabbit Society.

Provide HRS contact information. Each document should let the user know how they can contact House Rabbit Society. If the information is on-line, provide a link within your translated document to the original HRS home page. If the information is to be printed, place our postal address on the page.

Send us a copy of the item in its reproduced context (newsletter, flyer, etc.). If you obtained the original from the web, you can send your reprint to:

House Rabbit Society Attn:Reprints 148 Broadway Richmond, CA 94804

Or alternatively you may email a pdf version to

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