New House Rabbit Handbook Now Available!

We are excited to announce the publication of the 5th edition of Marinell Harriman’s House Rabbit Handbook!

Marinell Harriman wrote the original House Rabbit Handbook: How to Live with an Urban Rabbit in 1985, after falling in love with Herman, a black and white rabbit who found her way into the Harrimans’ back yard one day. The book was based on interviews with over 30 people who lived, like Marinell and her husband Bob, with rabbits inside their homes, and the book both introduced the term “house rabbit” and sparked the house rabbit movement. In addition, after its publication, Marinell began getting phone calls and letters from other people who lived with house rabbits, and others who were concerned about rabbits. In 1986, one of those phone calls led Marinell and Bob to begin to take on the issue of unwanted rabbits, and, in 1988, to form House Rabbit Society.  The rest, as they say, is history.

Since its first edition in 1985, and in its subsequent printings since that time,  House Rabbit Handbook is the definitive source book for care and behavior information about our beloved house rabbits. Based on Harriman’s 25+ years of experience with rescued rabbits, as well as the combined experiences of dozens of House Rabbit Society fosterers and educators, House Rabbit Handbook remains the single most important must-have on every rabbit-lover’s book shelf.

The books are available April 30! Buy yours directly from Drollery Press, from the Busy Bunny, or from your local HRS chapter: