New Mexico HRS
Help us save New Mexico's needy rabbits

TimmyDonate Now Timmy was one of 350 rabbits rescued by NM HRS from a hoarder in Rio Rancho over the summer of 2009. Costs to support those rabbits totaled over $8,000; while this crisis is over, it's an example of the way that we help rabbits in New Mexico every year. All donations are tax deductible and only cover our program expenses--primarily veterinary--as we are all volunteers, so overhead is otherwise very low.

In addition, you can support our efforts by buying all of the great items that we sell at Cafe Press, including our beautiful NM HRS tee shirts and gifts; All contributions received will go directly to the medical expenses of the rabbits.

  • To donate to NM HRS via our online donation form, please click here
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  • If you are a federal employee, you can now donate to NM HRS via your paychecks. You can make a pledge to us during your annual workplace campaign. Our number is 56878.