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House Rabbit Society Opinion Page

NOTE: Our website has changed. Please visit rabbit.org for our new website.
HRS Activist Corner
House Rabbit Society's philosophy on rabbit fur, meat, cruelty, and product testing.
Expecting Perfection
Setting realistic expectations for living with a bunny.
Ideas Have Legs
Photo essay and article on the expressiveness of rabbit's legs
In-home Nature Show
If you like watching nature programs, you may enjoy living with a rabbit

A Rabbit in the Classroom
What are they really teaching the kids?

Rabbits at Easter
Why you shouldn't get a rabbit at Easter

The Easter Rabbit
A poem dedicated to all the rabbits we couldn't save

Playing for Keeps
Once you've been admitted to the joyful mysteries of rabbits at play, you're hooked for life

Giving Is Receiving
Sometimes the best way to give is to to be a gracious reciever.

Reel Rabbits
Rabbits often get a bum wrap in Movies.

Who's the Pet?
Who trains whom? And which is the superior being? Only in sharing my life with an animal can I begin to understand myself.
Beyond Petting
Rethinking the process of gaining trust

The child who accompanies you to the shelter and participates in the rescue can go to bed at night saying, "I saved three lives today."

Life Worthy
A well-adjusted disabled or elderly rabbit is not the same thing as a suffering animal who has no hope of recovery

Just For Fun
Rabbits are playful and have a great sense of humor.

The Sheltering Spirit
When was the last time you visited your local animal shelter?

Don't Call Me Kind
Rabbits give more back than you might think.

Honorary Rabbit
Rabbits are playful and have a great sense of humor.

Quality of Life
A thoughtful essay on the quality of rabbit life.

Educating the Community
Help Spread the Word about Rabbit Overpopulation Problems.

Just Good Business - Right?
Rabbits are Companions - Not Dinner
Diners Beware!
You Never Know...
Not By the Numbers: The Problem with Limit Laws
The Importance of Words
The Pound Often Gets an Undeservidly Bad Rap

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