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Stop Rabbit Killing in Mission Viejo

The city of Mission Viejo, CA has given a permit for local residents to kill the wild rabbits in a gated retirement community. Read about the story here.

Please contact the Palmia Home Owners Association who are hiring the company to shoot the rabbits and respectfully ask them to consider a humane option for the removal of the rabbits.

Palmia Home Owners Association
21455 Monterey
Mission Viejo, CA 92692-4927
(949) 586-4778

You may also want to contact the Mission Viejo Mayor and City Council who issued the permit for the lethal control methods.

Mayor Patricia Kelley
Mayor Pro Tem Dave Leckness
Council Member Cathy Schlicht
Council Member Frank Ury
Council Member John Paul Ledesma

You can also sign the petition at the Petition Site to protest this decision.

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