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Stop Torture Bunny App

A company named Chillingo has created an app for iphones that allows users to virtually torture animated rabbits. While no rabbits are actually harmed in the game, HRS is distressed to find that the game encourages the torture of even virtual rabbits; we are concerned that it may possibly encourage someone to do the same to real rabbits.

Please contact Chillingo, the makers of the game, and especially Itunes, which sells the game, to ask them to no longer sell this game.

Carmen Pearson
Head of PR & Communications
[email protected]

1 Infinite Loop
Cupertino, CA 95014

UPDATE 1/16/2012: Chillingo responded to our concerns, saying: "We saw your Facebook post over the weekend regarding concern about the App Store game, "Torture Bunny." The game was intended to be humorous and the rabbit was designed to look like a crash test dummy. We did not intend to offend consumers or encourage any malicious behaviors towards rabbits - therefore we have removed it from sale on the App Store. Please feel free to share with your audiences that Chillingo values their feedback and have removed the game from sale."

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