Please Help Shut Down Bremer County Fair’s Animal Scramble

profile of rabbit under chair

Have you heard about the horrible Animal Scramble at the Bremer County Fair in Waverly, Iowa?

At this annual event, to be held on July 31 this year, rabbits, chickens, pigs and calves are released into an arena, where they are then chased down and captured by children (3-5 year olds get to capture and then keep as “prizes” the rabbits; the older children go after the chickens, pigs and calves). It is a horrific event, and once the event is over, the rabbits are sent home as prizes with the participants, who know nothing about how to care for rabbits.

Please call or email and politely ask the County Fair to cancel the event and stop giving away rabbits and chickens:

Bremer County Fair

Kevin Rasing, President

2771  150th Street
Sumner, IA  50674-9076

Please click here to send an e-mail.

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Iowa Law Regarding Animals as Prizes:

717E2. Pet Awards Prohibited. A person is guilty of a simple misdemeanor if the person awards a pet or advertises that a pet may be awarded as any of the following: 1. A prize for participating in a game. 2. A prize for participating in a fair event. 3. An inducement or condition for visiting a place of business or attending an event sponsored by a business. 4. An inducement or condition for executing a contract which includes provisions unrelated to the ownership, care, or disposition of the pet.

717E.3. Exceptions. This chapter shall not apply to any of the following: 1. A pet shop licensed pursuant to section 162.5 if the award of a pet is provided in connection with the sale of a pet on the premises of the pet shop. 2. Youth programs associated with 4=H clubs; future farmers of America; the Izaak Walton league of America; or organizations associated with outdoor recreation, hunting, or fishing including but not limited to the Iowa sportsmen’s federation.

NOTE: We are trying to find out if the above exception to the Iowa ordinance applies to the county fair since, according to the County Fair website, the children who are catching the rabbits are not required to belong to 4H the way the children who are catching the pigs and the calves are.