Please Speak Out Against Animal Scramble

Jul 2, 2013 by HRS

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Photo from the 2012 Scramble, courtesy the Eugene Weekly

Have you heard about the horrible “Animal Scramble” in Cottage Grove Oregon?

On July 12 and 13, the Cottage Grove Riding Club in Oregon plans to hold its annual Animal Scramble at its annual rodeo. Red Barn Rabbit Rescue has taken this graphic video of rabbits, who are specially bred for this event, being released into an arena, and being chased and captured by children. It is a horrific event, and once the event is over, the rabbits are sent home as prizes with the participants, who know nothing about how to care for rabbits. According to Red Barn, whose volunteers have been monitoring this event, rabbits have ended up injured at the event, and abandoned afterwards.

We are working with PETA and Red Barn to try to get the Riding Club to cancel this cruel and inhumane event.

UPDATE: The organizers have announced that they will no longer have the children run down and catch the rabbits (because of USDA pressure, thanks to Red Barn), but they will still give them away as prizes. Please ask that they discontinue this practice as well!

Please call or email and politely ask the Riding  Club to cancel the event and stop giving away rabbits:

Kelli Fisher


Cottage Grove Riding Club


Please click here to send an e-mail.

Please find our letter to the Cottage Grove Riding Club here.