House Rabbit Society Background

House Rabbit Society is a national, nonprofit animal welfare organization based in Alameda, California. Our mission has two parts: Through our fostering program, volunteers rescue abandoned rabbits and find permanent adoptive homes for them; through education, we seek to reduce the number of unwanted rabbits -- and to improve bunnies' lives -- by helping people better understand these often misunderstood companion animals.

Since HRS was founded in 1988, over 5,500 rabbits have been rescued through our foster homes across the United States. Many of these bunnies had run out of time at animal shelters and were scheduled for euthanasia; others had been deemed ≥unadoptable≤ because of age, health, or disposition. Because there is no time limit on our rescued rabbits, HRS foster parents are able to spend time getting to know each individual bunny and can then match him or her with an appropriate home. We neuter/spay all incoming rabbits, obtain any necessary veterinary care, and attend to their social needs.

In caring for so many diverse bunnies, our all-volunteer organization has learned a tremendous amount about their social, behavioral, and medical requirements. By sharing the collected information these rabbits have taught us, we are able to help other people improve their relationships with their rabbits. HRS provides educational materials to veterinarians and humane societies and helps individual rabbit people solve behavior and health problems, primarily through our web site,, and our quarterly publication, "The House Rabbit Journal".

Over the past 10 years, HRS has grown from 300 to more than 7,000 members, with local chapters and educators in over 30 states. Our web site,, is accessed over 50,000 times a day by people in dozens of countries across the world.


Paige Parsons, House Rabbit Society online coordinator (650) 937-4602