Summer 2021
Curbside foster pickup by appointment at House Rabbit Society

While we have some healthy, happy rabbits who are ready for foster homes, we especially need fosters open to these types of rabbits:

  • Shy or space-protective rabbits who may be nippy at first
    Especially if you have previous rabbit experience, you can help these scared/shy/nippy rabbits to be more calm and trusting with one-on-one time in a home environment. This will help them to find an adoptive home more quickly!
  • Rabbits who are on medication
    Some of our rabbits are on one or more oral medication that needs to be given by oral syringe 2xday. Some rabbits need a 2xday eye ointment. If you have experience giving medication to a rabbit (or another animal), let us know! Helping rabbits recover from illness or injury in a comfortable home environment will get them ready for adoption.

Care for a foster rabbit in your home and save a life! The goal of fostering is to help your foster rabbit get adopted.

How to sign-up!

Step 1: Watch the Rabbit 101 Video Playlist below
Step 2: Learn about Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus below
Step 3: Complete our Foster Questionnaire below

House Rabbit Society provides start-up supplies:

Exercise pen, litterbox, food & water dishes
litter, pellets, and hay to get you started
As a foster, you receive a 15% discount in the Hop Shop at House Rabbit Society!

Fosters provide:

Daily salads, additional hay/pellets/litter, daily out-of-enclosure exercise time, and love!

Your foster rabbit must live inside the home with you (no backyard hutches) and have no outside playtime, due to the emergence of Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus in California.

If you have other rabbits in your home, your foster rabbit will need to live separately from them.

The primary caregiver of the foster rabbit must be an adult.

Fosters take photos and short videos of their foster bunny, and give us information about their personality, to help the bunny get adopted!

How long will I foster?

1-month foster: Together we schedule a return date for the bunny at the time of taking home your foster. If you enjoy fostering, you may choose to extend or exchange fosters for another month. If someone would like to adopt your foster bunny, we will contact you to have you bring them back early, and you can choose if you’d like to foster another rabbit.

4-month foster: You foster the same bunny for 4 months. If someone would like to adopt your foster bunny, we will contact you to have you bring them back early, and you can choose if you’d like to foster another rabbit. At 4 months, you can exchange your foster bunny for a new one, so your first foster will get more promotion back at House Rabbit Society.

Step #1: Watch this Rabbit 101 Video Playlist!

Learn (just about) everything you need to know about living with a rabbit in this short video series!

Please watch this short video series before completing the Foster Questionnaire.

Step #2: Learn about Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus

Please learn how to protect your foster rabbit from Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus (RHDV).

Fosters need to:

  • Keep their foster rabbit indoors with no outside playtime
  • Take their shoes off before entering their home
  • Wash your hands before interacting with your foster rabbit
  • Keep mosquitoes and flies out of your home with window and door screens
  • Not feed any outdoor plants/grasses/branches to your foster rabbit
  • Wash greens thoroughly in a basin of water for 2 minutes with 3 changes of water before feeding
  • Any other rabbits in the home must be current on their annual RHDV vaccine. We will ask for a photo of the vaccine certificate before sending a foster rabbit home
  • Keep cats indoors (indoor-only cats ok!)
  • We are not able to welcome new fosters who have dogs at home at this time

Step #3: Complete this Foster Questionnaire

The adult primary caregiver (age 18+) for the foster bunny should complete this Foster Questionnaire.

This questionnaire is for fostering with our SF Bay Area (Richmond, CA) headquarters location. Looking to foster in other areas? Check out other HRS Chapters or for a shelter/rescue near you with rabbits.

Special Needs Rabbits Looking for Foster Homes