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Care for a foster rabbit in your home and save a life!
Watch the Rabbit 101 Video Playlist below, and complete our online Foster Questionnaire, below, to get started!

House Rabbit Society provides all start-up foster supplies needed – exercise pen, litterbox, food & water dishes, and some litter, pellets, and hay to get you started.  You provide the salads, additional hay/pellets/litter, daily exercise time, and the love!  As a foster, you also receive a 15% discount in the Hop Shop at House Rabbit Society!

Your foster rabbit must live inside the home with you (no backyard hutches).  If you have other rabbits in your home, your foster rabbit will need to live separately from them.

1-month foster: Together we schedule a return date for the bunny at the time of taking home your foster.

4-month foster: You foster the same bunny for 4 months and bring your foster bunny to House Rabbit Society at least one weekend day each month to be seen by adopters.  If your foster bunny gets adopted during this period, you can decide if you’d like to take in another foster.  At 4 months, you can swap your foster bunny for a new one, so your first foster will get more exposure back at House Rabbit Society.

We are looking for foster homes to help with the following types of rabbits:

  • Adoptable rabbits
  • Shy rabbits
  • Space-protective rabbits
  • Rabbits with special needs
  • Sick and/or injured rabbits – For fosters who feel comfortable giving oral, topical, or subcutaneous injectable medications.  We can train you!
  • Nursing mom/litter – Note: This is an 8-week commitment, until the babies are old enough to be separated from mom.

Learn (just about) everything you need to know about living with a rabbit in our Rabbit 101 Video Playlist!