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Online ordering is currently under renovation – please email us at or call 510-970-7575 to order one of these items!

Master Seminar 1: Enhanced Rabbit Health

This 3-DVD set contains six hours of discussion on health issues important to rabbit caregivers. Speakers include Dana Krempels, Joy Gioia, Amy Spintman, and Judith Pierce. $50 + $2 postage



Master Seminar 2: Advanced Rabbit Speake

This 3-DVD set contains six hours of discussion on the rabbit as a social being. Speakers include Nancy LaRoche, Margo DeMello, Karen Courtemanche, Kit Jagoda, and Tracy Martin. $50 + $2 postage.



Master Seminar 3: Rabbit Ingestibles

This 4-DVD set contains eight hours of discussion on everything that goes into and out of your rabbit. Speakers include Susan Smith, George Flentke, Dawn Sailer-Fleeger, and Kristen Strobel. $65 + $2 postage.



House Rabbit Handbook: How to Live with an Urban Rabbit

Marinell Harriman’s classic guide to living with a house rabbit. The fourth edition features expanded information on health and medical care. $16 + $2 postage.


Your First House Rabbit

This 45-minute DVD will familiarize you with the needs of house rabbits and help you decide if a rabbit is the right pet for you. $24.95 + $2 postage.


Introducing Rabbits

This 45-minute DVD is for people who want to expand their family of animals. Sections deal with rabbits living with cats, guinea pigs, dogs, and other rabbits. $24.95 + $2 postage.

Join the House Rabbit Society

Support the House Rabbit Society’s work of education and rescue by becoming a member. Members receive the House Rabbit Journal, as well as discounts on boarding at the Richmond Rabbit Center. $18 US / $25 International

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