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From the adopter: “Mango had a name change…sort of evolved gradually…our boy calls himself Scoots these days.  He also goes by: Scootie, Scootzilla, Scoot-tastic, Scoot-o-rama and when he is feeling exceptionally confident…Captain Scootie.

He’s got us trained very well. :-) Our Super Pooper has his favorite spots to hang…these spots include under the chair my dad made, under the end table, in the middle of the living room facing you (he looks like the Spynx of Giza).  He’s a proud little fellow.

A few weeks ago we started noticing him doing the “frog pose” (hind legs totally stretched out behind him).  Super Scoots is quite a character and we love him.  He is an acrobat…he’ll manage a series of multiple binks in rapid succession all the way across the living room and then absolutely “sticks his landing”.

I honestly can’t express how happy we are to have this little bun in our lives.  I really appreciate all of the care that you folks gave him.  Thank you for making it possible for him to be with us as a member of our little family.”