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Rabbit Care

HabitatWe are constantly learning more about caring for our long-eared friends. Rabbit medicine is an evolving science, and it isn’t so very long ago that rabbits were kept in hutches in the backyard. Since the House Rabbit Society was founded in 1988, we have made a lot of progress in learning about rabbit care.

For those new to rabbits, start with the House Rabbit Handbook. HRS National has extensive articles on care and behavior. Etherbun is an electronic mailing list devoted to the care, health and behavior of domestic companion rabbits. If you’ve got a burning question that you need an answer to, or need advice on local resources, you can reach us at

We also regularly offer classes at the Rabbit Center. Check back here for announcements.

For local rabbit veterinarians, consult our recommendations. For low-cost spay/neuter options, consult our list.