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How You Can Help

As a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization, we rely on your support to continue our lifesaving work. Your continued support helps us provide needy rabbits with food, housing, veterinary care, and enough time to find them permanent homes. No gift is too small.

Make a Donation



If you prefer, you can download our printed donation form and mail or fax it to 148 Broadway, Richmond, CA 94804.

Become a Member

Join HRS

For just $18 per year, you can become a member of HRS. When you become a new member, or renew your membership, you     give something to rabbits, but you also get something in return:
  • You’ll be helping rabbits! You’ll have the satisfaction of helping to save domestic rabbits across the country. Your voice will be   heard through our outreach efforts such as The House Rabbit Journal and the website. Your membership counts!
  • You will receive The House Rabbit Journal. Featuring health articles written by nationally-known veterinarians, behavior articles by HRS behaviorists, helpful hints, fun stories, and beautiful photos and artwork, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it.
  • You can become a member of your local HRS chapter. As a member of your local chapter, you’ll receive up-to-date news on local issues through the local newsletter, plus invitations to chapter events, and in many areas, discounts on perks likehay.
  • You’ll be the first to learn about new ways to get involved!

Becoming a HRS member ensures that HRS will continue to be there for the rabbits. Please join us, and thousands of HRS members, by making your tax-deductible contribution and become a member today!

Other ways to support us locally:

At the Rabbit Center, we have several special funds set up that benefit local rabbits. The Memorial Fund commemorates the special rabbits we have lost and supports veterinary research. The Corbett Special Needs Fund helps with the medical expenses of special needs rabbits. You can also choose to support a shelter rabbit while he or she waits for a forever home.

Because House Rabbit Society is a nonprofit organization, most gifts qualify for a federal, and often state, income tax charitable deduction.

You can also help us by shopping online:

  • donates 5% of any Amazon purchase to us when you get to their site by following our link. HRS gets an even bigger portion (up to 15%) when you purchase a book featured in our rabbit reading room.
  • Lavender Fanatic donates the entire profit margin on every purchase of the Lavender Bunny to the House Rabbit Society.
  • BunsNRoses donates 100% of the proceeds on their handmade soaps and lotions to the care of HRS sanctuary bunnies.
  • Shop at at thousands of online stores through iGive.