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Corbett Special Needs Fund


Corbett, a little Netherland dwarf rabbit, was found in a San Francisco park, where he was struggling to care for his four babies all alone. Rescuers found homes for his children, but because of a back injury Corbett needed a special home. When he came to us in July 2005, he was over a year old, an active and personable bunny who freely gave kisses to anyone who held him.

In 2006, we took in Teddie, a six-week-old mini-lop who had been born without hind feet. Corbett quickly adopted Teddie, and they spent much of their time snuggling together. Regular acupuncture treatments helped maintain their health and keep them comfortable.

Never did Corbett let his injury slow him down or decrease his enthusiasm for life. Just as he spent his life caring for others, this fund continues to provide care for special needs bunnies. It’s what Corbett would have wanted.
—Rachel Hess

Update January 2009: Teddie and Abigail, Corbett’s sisters, have joined him on the Rainbow Bridge, and Rachel has contributed to the fund in their memories.