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Memorial Fund


House Rabbit Society’s memorial medical fund honors, preserves and pays tribute to the memory of bunnies who were special in some way and left behind a lasting impression.┬áThe memorial medical fund program is a way of paying tribute to a beloved bunny by making a gift in their name.The fund is used to further medical research and knowledge regarding rabbit health.

Memorial Fund Donations

Additional donations to the memorial medical fund from the following people: Monica Christopher, Carolyn Mosher, Cathy Leonard, Judy Tam, Judy Sato, and Gayle Kiviat.

Bunny-Bun Chris Asimos $25
Camille Chris Asimos $25
Snowshoes Chris Asimos $25
Murphy Chris Asimos $25
Woodie Susan Trimble $250
Woodie Susan Trimble $300
Maya Dr. Carolynn Harvey $25
Bucky Donna Jensen $20
The Moose Dorothy Weiler and Christian Einfeldt $200
Bunny Preeti Pradhan $251