Rabbits in Indiana Need Help!

Dec 30, 2013

imageOn 17 Dec 2013, Indianapolis Animal Care and Control confiscated 215+ Lionhead and Holland Lop rabbits from a breeder (read about it here).

This is in addition to the 400+ minirex rabbit confiscation on 12 June 12, 2013, which already taxed both Indianapolis Animal Care and Control and Indiana House Rabbit Society. (read about it here).

There are many single adolescents and young adults, nursing mothers with kits, and rabbits housed as pairs or trios. There are 170 rabbits available for rescue including 40 altered female rabbits available for immediate transport.

While we are very thankful that the Indianapolis shelter treats rabbits with the same respect as dogs and cats, this places a tremendous burden on the rabbit rescue community. For groups that are low on funds for spay/neuter surgeries, Indiana HRS has 70 altered minirex rabbits in foster care from the June confiscation available for immediate transport. These rabbits have been well socialized with volunteers, are very people focused and love to be petted. IHRS has 5 pairs, 6 trios, and 2 groups of 5 in addition to many single rabbits. Accepting these rabbits into rescue groups will enable Indiana HRS to pull rabbits from the current confiscation.

Please feel free to contact Amanda Lenz and/or Dawn Sailer (amanda@indianahrs.org and/or dawn@indianahrs.org) if you can open up even one space to help these very deserving rabbits.

Thank you so very much for everyone who stepped up to assist any of the Indianapolis confiscation rabbits, either this past summer or to help with the current confiscation

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