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    Shelters and Rescuers may feel free to print out and redistribute any of our education materials. The ones below will be of particular interest.

    Adoption Forms

    Sample Adoption Policies
    Sample Adoption Contract
    Sample Adoption Packet
    Sample Adoption Questions
    Spanish Adoption/Care Packet

    Shelter Forms and Materials

    Shelter Care Protocol for Rabbits
    Sample Intake Questions for Owner Surrenders
    Sample ID Card
    How To Write a Cage Card
    Personality Cage Card
    Flower Rabbits: A Tool for Assessing Rabbit Personalities in the Shelter (pdf)
    Temperment Testing Rabbits in the Shelter (pdf)
    Intake Health Check Form (excel)
    Intake Health Check Form (word)
    Intake Health Check Tips
    Grooming Form (excel)
    Grooming Form (word)
    Sample Rescue Group Contract
    Sample Foster Home Contract
    Sample Foster Home Questionnaire

    Posters, Flyers and Brochures

    Living With a House Rabbit Brochure (black and white)
    Living With a House Rabbit Brochure (full color)
    Make Mine Chocolate Four Color Flyer
    Make Mine Chocolate Two Color Flyer
    Warm Your Heart Poster
    Match Your Bunny Poster
    Sample "How to Adopt a Rabbit" Poster
    Feeding Tips Flyer
    Handling Tips Flyer
    "Did You Know" Poster
    Order Full Size "Did You Know Poster"
    French "Did You Know Poster"
    Spanish "Did You Know Poster"
    10 Point Primer for New Bunny Parents
    9 Common Rabbit Myths
    He's Not A Child's Toy...
    Rabbit Food Pyramid
    Your Rabbit's Litterbox
    Setting Your Pet Rabbit Loose Doesn't Make Her Free...
    Top 9 Reasons to Keep Your Bunny Indoors
    You wouldn't buy a REINDEER for your child at Christmas...

    Financial Support

    HRS's Emergency Rescue Fund: Helping Shelters and Rescuers
    Emergency Rescue Grant Application

    Helpful Hints

    Rescuing A Stray Rabbit
    Large-Scale Rescues
    What to do if you encounter an abused or neglected rabbit
    Laws Pertaining to Rabbit Abuse and Neglect
    Working With Pet Stores to Promote Rabbit Adoptions


    House Rabbit Society is a non-profit rescue and education group.
    We welcome your feedback and appreciate your donations. Please join today!