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  • NOTE: Our website has changed. Please visit for our new website and for our new "For Rescuers" page.


    Are you working with a shelter, an independent rabbit rescue group, or perhaps just found a bunny running loose in your neighborhood? Here are some resources for you.

    Rescuers with philosophies alligned with ours may feel free to print out and redistribute any of our education materials. The ones below will be of particular interest. All we ask is that you do not modify the documents. If you wish to provide documents online at your website, please link to our files, don't copy them to your own website.

    HRS Emergency Rescue Fund

    HRS's Emergency Rescue Fund: Helping Shelters and Rescuers
    Emergency Rescue Grant Application
    List of Grant Recipients

    The "How to's" of Rescue

    FAQ: Rescuing A Stray Rabbit
    FAQ: Orphaned Baby Rabbits
    Trap, Neuter, Return: A Case Study (Powerpoint File)
    Article on Trap, Neuter, Return in Animal Sheltering Magazine (Jan/Feb 2011) (pdf)

    Finding a home for an unwanted or rescued rabbit
    Fostering or Helping a Fosterer
    Large-Scale Rescues
    Animal Confiscations
    Stray Roundup in New Mexico
    Feral Roundup at Pierce College
    Caring for an orphaned litter of rabbits

    Abuse and Neglect

    What to do if you encounter an abused or neglected rabbit
    Laws Pertaining to Rabbit Abuse and Neglect

    Rescuers' Experiences and Opinions

    Working With Pet Stores to Promote Rabbit Adoptions
    Building Bridges: Working with Animal Shelters Worldwide
    Stray Rabbits
    Saying Goodbye Every Day
    A Fosterer's Story: Thumper and Me

    Options for Transporting Rabbits around the Country

    Bunderground Railroad
    Pilots N Paws

    Educational and Administrative Materials for Shelter and Rescue Use

    Adoption Forms

    Shelter Forms

    Posters, Flyers and Brochures


    House Rabbit Society is a non-profit rescue and education group.
    We welcome your feedback and appreciate your donations. Please join today!