faceAre you working with a shelter, an independent rabbit rescue group, or perhaps just found a rabbit running loose in your neighborhood? Here are some resources for you.

Rescuers with philosophies aligned with ours may print and redistribute any of our education materials. The ones below will be of particular interest. All we ask is that you do not modify the documents. If you wish to provide documents online at your website, please link to our files, don’t copy them to your own website. Shelters can feel free to add their own names and logos to our documents, but crediting us is nice as well!

Active Rabbit Emergencies

HRS Emergency Rescue Fund

The “How to’s” of Rescue

Abuse and Neglect

Rescuers’ Experiences and Tips

Options for Transporting Rabbits

Free Educational Materials To Use

Adoption Forms

Shelter Forms and Manuals

Posters and Flyers

More Resources for Shelters