Resources for Veterinarians & RVTs

Since House Rabbit Society’s founding in 1988, we have aimed to help bridge the gap between rabbit guardians and the veterinary community. Our staff and volunteers work closely with veterinarians to improve rabbit veterinary care.

  • Linked below, we have posters and flyers available for you to download and display at your practice or hand out to clients.
  • We also strive to share the most up-to-date information about Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus Type-2 (RHDV2) with both veterinarians and the public. Over the past two years, we have compiled many helpful graphics about RHDV2, available below for you to download and share on your practice’s social media.

New Veterinary Membership Program

Soon we will launch a training program—developed with rabbit veterinary experts—to increase the breadth of knowledge and number of rabbit-savvy vets and vet techs. We are rolling out a new veterinary membership program and you can join now to stay connected with House Rabbit Society and receive the latest updates about the program.

We look forward to sharing our informational resources with you and your clients and share how valuable it can be for you to treat rabbits!

Posters and Handouts for Your Clinic

These handouts and posters may be downloaded and printed by any veterinary office, shelter, or rescue organization. They must be printed “as-is” with no changes, additions or alterations. Any of the 8.5 x 11 pages may also be increased in size at printers (such as Kinko’s) to 18” x 24” poster size.

8.5” x 11”

Veterinary Online Groups
Professional Organizations and Online Discussion Groups

Medical Articles

How to Manage the Geriatric Rabbit
The Importance of Analgesia (Pain Control) for Pet Rabbits
Pet Rabbit Basics and Techniques
Why not to give Yogurt or Dairy to Rabbits
Articles on Specific Diseases and Medical Concerns

Scholarly References

Scholarly Articles on Mites

Scholarly Articles on E. Cuniculi

Scholarly Articles on Rabbit Health

Scholarly Articles and References on Rabbit Behavior, Welfare and Rabbits in Society

RHDV2 Resource Center

Visit our RHDV2 Resource Center for the latest information about the virus.

You can also subscribe to our monthly e-newsletter so you don’t miss timely alerts about RHDV2 confirmations.

RHDV2 Education Graphics

These graphics are available to freely share and use. You can right click to download individually, or you can download a zip archive file of all of our RHDV2 graphic resources.