Shop for HRS from our Amazon Wish List!

Are you in the mood for a little shopping for your favorite charity? Why not shop for HRS at Amazon?

Here’s our wish list!

Just have any goodies that you buy us go directly to:
House Rabbit Society’s Rabbit Center
148 Broadway
Richmond, CA 94804

Shopping at Costco and want to pick up a gift for the rabbits?
Here are supplies we get from Costco and always love donated:

White vinegar
Bleach (3 pack)
Laundry soap (any of the “eco” brands)
Nitrile exam gloves (size S & M)
Paper towels
Toilet paper
Copy paper
Puppy pads
Hydrogen Peroxide
Rubbing Alcohol
trash bags – 33 gallon
“kitchen” trash bags – 13 gallon
Printer ink: HP 972x & Brother TN760
Postage stamps
Bottled water for volunteers
Clif bars for volunteers

Thank you for shopping for HRS!