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Jan 28, 2012

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Are you in the mood for a little shopping for your favorite charity? Why not shop for HRS at Amazon?

Here’s our wish list!

Just have any goodies that you buy us go directly to our Rabbit Center at 148 Broadway, Richmond, CA 94804, where the resident rabbits will put them to good use.

Shopping at Costco and want to pick up a gift for the rabbits?
Here are supplies we get from Costco and always love donated:

White vinegar
Bleach (3 pack)
Laundry soap (any of the “eco” brands)
Nitrile exam gloves (size S & M)
Paper towels
Toilet paper
Copy paper
Puppy pads
Hydrogen Peroxide
Rubbing Alcohol
Kirkland trash bags – 33 gallon black
Kirkland “kitchen” trash bags – 13 gallon white
Printer ink: HP 950XL & 951XL
Postage stamps
Bottled water for spay/neuter clinic days
Clif bars for spay/neuter clinic days

Thank you for shopping for HRS!

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